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All Grown Up With Adult Superpowers

You walk into my room wanting to know what I'm up to. I tell you I'm just nervous for my first day of high school tomorrow. I confess how nervous I am to you, Professor, about making boys like me, so I ask if you will help show me the secret to making boys like me. As a virgin, I've never sucked a dick or been fucked before, but you're confident that if you show me this that the boys at school will absolutely like me. I trust you. You have me give you a blow job. I've never heard of a blow job, but you'll have to watch to find out how amazing I end up being. You're thrilled and impressed by me & my mouth that you then show me the other way to make boys like me. I want to show off for you & I do. I'm such a good little girl for you, daddy. You bend me over and fuck me from behind. Then from the front. We discover my pussy has a superpower too: multiple squirting, which you get to watch close up POV. You then bend me over one last time & thrust your cock deep and creampie my pussy. You pull out and see your huge load drip everywhere out of my pussy. I thank you for teaching me how to be a good girl on my first day.

Released:Jun 01, 2022
Studio: The Kaiia Eve Productions
Length:14 min

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