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Drool Baby Gets Punished By Goddess

I catch Leila in my room going through my things & the one thing I always tell her to not do is go through my stuff while I am gone. I tell her I am gonna make her sorry & teach her a lesson. I tell her I am gonna use the things she is going through to punish her. I make her put the face harness on so her mouth can be stretched wide open & she can have a piggy nose. I start gagging her and trying to make her drool on herself, pull her pigtails around to exam her face. I insert a buttplug into her tight ass. I label her a slut with bright red lipstick. I wrote all over body. I tie her wrists with her bikini. I spank her until her ass bright fucking pink. I humiliate her and show her off to the camera with all her body writing on her. I then make her cum & squirt.

Released:May 03, 2019
Studio: The Kaiia Eve Productions
Length:12 min


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