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Smelling My Dirty Hiker Feet

Adora and I are hiking in the Arizona desert. I was tired my pants had come off, and I needed to stop to rest. I want to let my feet out of my shoes to wiggle my toes. It is so hot my feet are sweaty. As I take my shoes off I tell Adora that I think my feet smell wretched. She catches a wiff in the air and confirms they do. I give her both of my shoes and she starts to inhale in the smell so deeply and she starts to describe what they smell like with her nose buried in my shoe. She can't get enough of the smell so she asks if she can place her face in between my foot and have my feet squOOsh against her face as she breaths me in. I let her.

Released:Mar 28, 2018
Studio: The Kaiia Eve Productions
Length:3 min


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